Surprise yourself and have fun with the experience that we show you, know the myths and legends that Villanueva de los Infantes treasures as they stroll through its streets, squares, palaces and convents.

We will know the legend of the golden spurs of Don Francisco de Quevedo, the game of love of La Señora de la Pirra, and the sad story of the “Empareda”, the trial of Juan de León, which could serve as an inspiration to Miguel de Cervantes for his Don Quixote.

The best way to know a city like Villanueva de los Infantes, small in size but great in History and heritage.

Calambur Experience and Quo Theater Group?  They will be your guides, children of this earth, who know her deeply, who love her and who are still investigating about her past.

Our way of telling you is “different” from the usual, with the assurance that the experience will be very satisfactory and want to know more.


C/ Santo Tomas, 39 “La Casa de los Estudios”, Villanueva de Los Infantes 13320, Ciudad Real

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  • +34 92635 0530 / +34 6582 13425 / +34 6634 03832