Visiting the eastern part of the Montiel countryside we will make a real journey, a transfer in time, from the earliest ages of man to the present day. We will visit Villanueva de los Infantes, Montiel, Terrinches, Villamanrrique and Juan Abad’s Tower.

A tour lasting approximately 6 hours, always accompanied by our guide who will reveal the secrets of the “Campo de Montiel”.

In this tour we will visit:

  • Villanueva de los Infantes. It shows us majestic and arrogant as a villa full of architectural treasures that wrap our look of past among its legendary stones. It stands out for the wonderful conservation of its historical patrimony. Strolling through its streets and visiting its Plaza Mayor, does not leave indifferent.


  • Visit Montiel, which went down in the history of the castle. Around the Castle of the Star was the famous Battle of Montiel during the Hundred Years War. In this battle Pedro I died “El Cruel” for some and “El Justiciero” for others, at the hands of his stepbrother Enrique. This fact marked a definitive change in the long Civil War of Castile and in the history of Spain


  • We continue towards Terrinches, this town, has a typical urbanism of the settlements serranos, with steep, narrow and sinuous streets, its church, which has an historical organ dated in 1799. In the highest of the locality are conserved the remains of a castle of the XIII century that was property of the Order of Santiago. In it is the “Center of Interpretation of the Order of Santiago and the Field of Montiel”.


  • Visit the “Castillejo del Bonete”, an archaeological site of great international interest, due to its peculiarities, characteristics and singularities. It also has an altar oriented to the winter solstice, at which point the day is cut the most throughout the year (22 December). That day, at dawn, the sun rises from the central point of the Peña del Cambrón (Sierra del Segura). This relief is clearly visible from the tomb complex, as it represents a large natural altar located on the horizon.


  • In addition we will see The Roman baths of the “Ontavia” that suppose a milestone in the regional Archeology, since they are the only ones found in the province of Ciudad Real, they are excellently conserved.


  • We continue towards Villamanrrique it is impossible not to relate this town to the great poet Jorge Manrique, who although not born here was always linked to these lands. We will be able to enjoy its impressive church of Gothic style of transition of century XVI to the Renaissance, dedicated to the invocation of San Andrés, of its noble houses between which it emphasizes the one of the Manrique. Both declared Cultural Assets.


  • We finished our tour we arrived at the Tower of Juan Abad, it was señorío of Francisco Quevedo between 1620 and 1645. Among its numerous patrimonies we can emphasize the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Olmos, of Century XV and XVI, Renaissance. The interior is of great artistic value for its altarpieces and the Organ. The Town Hall Square is of the XVIII century, with typical portico of five arches in the greater side and one in the short one on pillars. Casa de Quevedo Museum dedicated to the life and work of D. Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, located in a 17th century manor house. The Hermitage of the Virgin de la Vega of Templar origin is located at the site of the Cañada de la Vega.
Extra 1: Visita al Castillo de Montizón

Visit to Montizón Castle Typical fortress built to control a road, in this case the Via Herculea or Augusta, which in Roman times led from Cadiz to Tarraconense, and from there to Rome itself. Together with the neighboring castles of Eznavexore, and the tower of the Higuera, formed a perfect defensive triangle, preventing any unauthorized passage between Montiel and Jaén.