We will visit Villanueva de los Infantes. We will know this magnificent locality, architectural jewel of the Spanish Golden Age, we will know its imposing parish church of San Andrés, and the Plaza Mayor at its feet, the cell where Quevedo died, impressive palace-houses. Beautiful streets through which Don Quixote walked. An impressive place loaded with history, culture and traditions inherited from generation to generation.

We will make a visit to an artisanal dairy farm in Manchego cheese located in Cózar. Located between pastures, vineyards and olive trees we find the town of Cózar one of the villages of the Campo de Montiel with that charm of the towns that it seems that it does not pass the years, we will give a pleasant walk, in which we can visit the Church of San Vicente Martyr, the Oratory of the Most Holy Christ of Veracruz, and to know one of its most important traditions the game of “Las tacillas”.

We will visit the shepherd and you will know the sheep and the pastures that will be transformed into cheese.

Already in the dairy, you will know the secrets of the centenary tradition of the Manchego cheese, we will know the whole process, rennet, pressing, its cure, and discover why it is one of the best cheeses in the world.