Visitor´s center 

We are located in the “Casa de los Estudios” of Villanueva de los Infantes, in it is our office and meeting point. As well as a reception area and information to the visitors, where you will find all the information necessary to enjoy your visit to this exciting region. Campo de Montiel, known as the heart of La Mancha.

In the Center we have a local-shop where visitors can find handicrafts, traditional food, and souvenirs from the area; a library of specialized degrees, a cafeteria, a tasting area and a multi-function room where different activities such as conferences, meetings and exhibitions are held. You can consult the list of activities that will be carried out in our blog.

La Casa de Los Estudios

The Casa de los Estudios is located in the historical center of Villanueva de los Infantes; the first works date back to 1580 by the city council to create a Minor School in the heart of Campo de Montiel, taught by the famous philologist, pedagogue and moralist Bartolomé Jimenez Patón natural of Almedina  and personal friend of Lope de Vega and Francisco Quevedo, obtained the chair of grammar in this municipality of La Mancha in 1600.

The patio maintains its original appearance with very few modifications. It is also the best structured and proportioned of all the infantelos patios with an exceptional cult projection, with square pillars, arches of half point and edge vault: some elements that give it a certain claustral aspect.